Research Reports

Our flagship report is a 20- to 50-page comprehensive research report designed specifically for companies with market capitalizations less than $250 million. The scope of the report is broad and deep. Our analysts dig into a company's background, business model, products, industry and financial strength. The reports include financial projections and valuation targets and thus are available only to companies that have clear financial metrics and reasonable predictability. 

Analytical Profiles

Earlier stage companies with clear financial metrics but limited visibility regarding the timing of revenues or earnings patterns are typically covered under our Analytical Profile coverage. These reports are very similar to research reports, but they don’t include financial projections tied to a timeline. Instead a sensitivity analysis matrix of potential scenarios and valuations are illustrated to give the investor a range of potential price targets.

Our Equity Research Gets the Word Out

Once a report is complete, most research providers will stop right here, but we go the extra mile with our investor awareness program. With this program, we fire up our vast network of financial professionals to make sure a company's story gets in front of key decision makers. Together with our network of micro-cap information providers, we provide a solution that's second-to-none. Here's a sample of what we and our network can do for an emerging growth company: 

  • Internal distribution of the report throughout our subscriber database
  • External distribution of the report through news wires
  • Feature the report on our website
  • Placement on Capital IQ where 3,980 firms are representing 37,172 users
  • Placement on FactSet where 3,500+ firms are representing 23,000 users

Building Dynamic Financial Models that Calculate Results

To maximize shareholder value, it is imperative for public company executives and their Investor Relations (IR) firms to effectively communicate the company’s message and its investment merits to current and potential shareholders. We have been issuing micro-cap research to investors since 2003. Through our comprehensive research products and financial publications, we provide investors with a leading source of emerging growth company ideas. As a result, our research reports have broad distribution and inclusion in the most popular institutional platforms including Capital IQ and FactSet.  

Why is this important? 

Because it leverages all of your investor relations efforts! Every time you issue a press release, host a conference call, attend an investment conference or initiate any type of promotion, you create an opportunity to retain a new investor. Every IR effort will cost you time and money. Increase the odds of converting a prospective investor into a shareholder by clearly articulating the investment opportunity.

Decide for yourself. Take a minute and pretend you are an investor looking at your company. Is the information readily available to help you make an investment decision? Is the information available at all?

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