Business Plans

Outline Objectives and Articulate a Cohesive Business Strategy

Whether you are managing a public or private company, a well-written business plan is necessary to clearly outline company objectives and articulate a cohesive business strategy. Our principals have written and reviewed hundreds of business plans and will assist your company in writing a plan designed for the eyes of Wall Street investors. 

To ensure accuracy and establish accountability, business plans are developed by involving all levels of management. The process of creating the plan is as important to your business as the end product. If every key employee embraces the plan and commits towards achieving the objectives in the plan, your company will have a greater chance for success. 

Comprehensive business plans will include

  • An overview of your business concisely summarizing your company’s strengths, objectives and strategies
  • A thorough explanation of your company's products and services
  • A complete list of officers, directors and advisory board members, including their strengths and experience
  • A detailed explanation of your company’s business strategy, market opportunity and competitive advantages
  • A comprehensive analysis of the industry in which your company operates
  • Detailed financial illustrations including clearly outlined assumptions, historical financial statements and pro forma financial projections
  • A comparative valuation based on numerous valuations methodologies
  • A section on the risks your company and its investors face