Introducing Companies to the Right Investment Banks

At Wall Street Resources, our mission is simple, helping you obtain the necessary capital to grow your business. We will help you reach your goals by first analyzing your situation and giving you a realistic evaluation of funding options. Once an acceptable plan is developed, we will prepare, or help you prepare, the required presentation materials and financial models. After all of the materials are complete and your presentation is polished, we will introduce you to leading investment banks.  

Focusing on micro-to-small capitalization companies

We focus on micro-to-small capitalization companies because our principals believe it's the most underserved and inefficient sector of the market. These inefficiencies create opportunities for speculative investors willing to assume above average risks to achieve above average returns. Illiquidity and lack of analyst coverage combined with an ever-increasing force of short-term investors and market volatility often push prices to extreme highs and lows. Sophisticated investors with the appropriate financial capacity, risk tolerance and time horizon can exploit these extreme price movements to their advantage.


"We have been a subscriber to Wall Street Resources for just over two years. We were very impressed with the fundamental research strategies the company employs. We appreciate their ability to sift through thousands of small public companies to find the diamonds in the rough. The use of their data has proved to be very profitable and we would highly recommend their research to professional and private investors." 

Todd A.
President, Institutional Investment Strategist
Atlanta, GA

 "As an Investment Banker, over the last few years, I have used the Wall Street Resources research as a tool to help me find small public companies with which I may have overlooked in my own searches. The research and news on the companies they follow is not only top notch, it is also very timely! As a professional in the industry, I would recommend anyone interested in the small and microcap industries to subscribe to Wall Street Resources’ newsletter!"

Bret W.
Investment Banking
Chicago, IL 

"A difficult task for an Investor Relations firm, is compiling data on the client company in a concise and Wall Street friendly format. Wall Street Resources have successfully mastered this by providing outstanding financial publications. This well-balanced team with superior analytic skills has helped me provide evaluations that all discerning brokers and investors require. The succinct format reported with reliable integrity necessitates attention to this crucial marketing component for all mid-sized and small-cap companies."

Brock A. Malky
Insight Capital Consultants